What the Chile Eaters Have to Say About Colorado's Best Green Chile!

“I’m addicted to this! Best green chile I have ever had!”

— Merry B.

“This stuff will make your shoes and socks delicious!”

— David B.

What Does Green Chile have to do with Hockey?

“…Yours is the Best.”

“Stinkin’ Good is Outstanding! Been in professional hockey for many years and when I travel through Colorado, I try and make a point to pick up some of your product. Tried many different green chile recipes over the years and yours is the best. Keep up the good work!”

— Darby Hendrickson, Former NHL player
Don't Just Eat. Win.
darby hendrickson stinkin good chile
Stinkin' Good Pork Green Chile HOT
“It’s amazing…we made enchiladas with Stinkin’ Good just last night… haven’t been able to go back to the canned green chile since we found this.”

— Marilyn D.

Chicken Green Chile Medium 6-Pack by Stinkin’ Good Front
“This is the best frozen green chile I have ever had. I love good green chile and it is hard to find in local restaurants, harder to find frozen. I am seriously addicted to your brand… The ingredients are clean and the flavors are excellent. I have had both the pork, and the chicken, medium and spicy, and love it all. Thanks again for a quality product!”

— Candace R.

Queso by Stinkin’ Good Front
“Just wanted to say thank you for producing an excellent Queso! I have been on the hunt for a quality cheese reminiscent of what I grew up enjoying, each region has very different flavors but y’all nailed it.”
— Lori J.
stinkin good chile truck denver
“I greatly appreciate Stinkin’ Good…”
“Thank you very much – I greatly appreciate Stinkin’ Good sending me gift cards of $100 and I just wanted to tell you how blessed knowing that there are angels and such kind and amazing people out there. With me having the reoccurrence of cancer now I’m at stage four and I can’t work.”

— Crystal M.