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It Started With a Green Chile Recipe

What started with a lawnmower, a green chile recipe and an NFL football player is now an established brand.

Former restaurateur David Bloom and 3-time Super Bowl champion offensive lineman Mark Schlereth began as casual acquaintances. David started a landscaping company after his restaurant days and would regularly handle Mark’s yard work while he was playing football. One day, David brought Mark his green chile recipe that he had perfected over the years. Mark immediately fell in love with it, and later agreed to put his name on it and became the co-owner with David and got it on the shelves in Colorado grocers

“We wanted it to taste just as good out of the container as it was when David made it fresh at home, putting it in a can or jar just wasn’t an option.” David actually gave up at one point because of obstacles but Mark encouraged David to keep going and offered the capital that was needed to get it on the shelves. After years of hard work and a very loyal fan base Stinkin’ Good has become a staple for thousands!

Mark Schlereth

Mark Schlereth is a 3-time Super Bowl champion with the Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos, and a current NFL sports commentator. Originally from Anchorage Alaska, Mark told the story his rookie year of buried fish heads, known as “Stinkheads,” that native Alaskans would dig up and eat if food was scarce……that name stuck and eventually “Stink” became his nickname and became the name of “Stinkin’ Good” years later.
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