Green Chile that's Stinkin' Good!


3-time Super Bowl champion and NFL sportscaster Mark “Stink” Schlereth partnered up with former restaurateur David Bloom to make a “Stinkin’ Good” team! Score some today and taste Colorado’s winningest recipe!

Slurp it like a soup. Smother your eggs, veggies, tex-mex or fries. Top a sandwich. Or pizza. Or your leftovers. Heck, pour it over ice cream for all we care.

Stinkin Good Slurp It

What Does Green Chile have to do with Football?

A Lot! Restaurateur and chile master David Bloom knew he made a mean green chile, and he would give it away to friends and acquaintances as a gift, including to Super Bowl champ Mark “Stink” Schlereth.

Mark fell in love with it and teamed up with David to get his winning family recipe on store shelves across the country. And the rest is Stinkin’ Good history!

Mark Schlereth and David Bloom

Former restaurateur David Bloom &
3-time Super Bowl Champion Mark "Stink" Schlereth

Stinkin' Good PRODUCTS

Pork Green Chile

Extra Spicy

Pork Green Chile

Medium Spice

Chicken Green Chile

Medium Spice

Queso Sauce

Mild Spice

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