Pork Green Chile Medium / 15 Ounce / 6 Pack

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Medium, but definitely not mediocre. Our medium pork chile is mild mannered, but still has that feisty kick you can always expect from Stinkin’ Good chile. Trust us — it’ll give you a new appreciation for all things “medium.”

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The Pork Green Chile Medium 6-Pack by Stinkin’ Good will take your meal to the next level!  Made of the best ingredients, this gluten free sauce will become a staple in your kitchen.  You can slurp it like soup.  Smother your eggs, veggies, Tex-Mex or Fries.  Top a sandwich. Or pizza.  Or your leftovers.  Heck, pour it over ice cream for all we care.  Any time Stinkin’ Good is on the table: You. Will. Win.  The Pork Green Chile Medium 6-Pack by Stinkin’ Good is also available as a 10-pack!

You can also purchase Colorado’s Best Green Chile by Stinkin’ Good at participating King Soopers, Costco and other local Colorado stores!

Heating Instructions for Stinkin’ Good products are as follows:

Stovetop:  Heat in sauce pan, stir thoroughly until it reaches 165 degrees.

Microwave:  Heat in microwave safe container until it reaches 165 degrees.  Heating times may vary, stir often.

Keep refrigerated or frozen until ready to cook.

Make sure to check out our awesome selection of recipes that you can use Colorado’s Best Green Chile by Stinkin’ Good!

Some of our favorite recipes are the Green Chile Chorizo Eggs BenedictBreakfast Burrito and the Sheet Pan Nachos.

11 reviews for Pork Green Chile Medium / 15 Ounce / 6 Pack

  1. Gene Toews

    5 stars
    Outstanding flavor, texture, thickness.

  2. Brent R Groskopf (verified owner)

    5 stars
    Excellent! We moved from Colorado 20 years ago and still can’t get good green chili in the Pacific NW. Love this product. Wish we could buy it here at the Fred Meyers which is a Kroger company or at our Costco.

  3. Chris Mayfield

    5 stars
    Really great stuff! We moved from Colorado over 20 years ago and seriously miss good pork green chili. So glad you guys ship to upstate NY. Any chance you can convince Wegmans to carry your products? Desperate for more!

  4. Matt

    5 stars
    Most awesome green chile ever!

  5. Roberta Sanders

    5 stars
    I, too, moved from Colorado 20 years ago and have been craving your Green Chile!

  6. Maggie McDonald

    5 stars
    I became obsessed with this amazing Chile when they sold it in our AZ Costco. I found out during the Pandemic that our Costco is no longer carrying them 🥺 FOR SHAME, COSTCO!!
    Thank god I found this Stinkin’ Good Chile website & delivery!!

  7. Maggie McDonald

    5 stars
    People, honestly, you will not be disappointed!! I cheat and buy plain restaurant chimis (or store bought burritos!) And smother them with this chili sauce. My family LOVES them! They think I have an amazing new recipe and they are right! It’s Stinkin Good Chili!!

  8. Janet G Agee (verified owner)

    5 stars
    Best green chile ever. Can’t get enough of it

  9. John Papelian

    5 stars
    Absolutely great.

  10. Sam (Sally) Groff

    5 stars
    I ate this pork green chile all the time in Denver but have craved it since moving to AZ nearly 5 yrs ago. Just found this website and can’t wait to get my 6 pack. It’s the best there is. Order it…you will never want any other brand!

  11. Maxine Bowden

    5 stars
    The best ever!

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