Chicken Green Chile Medium / 15 Ounce / 6 Pack

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For all those poultry-lovers out there, we have something extra special for you. Our classic green chile recipe with chicken puts a healthy twist on your favorite spicy sauce.

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The Chicken Green Chile Medium 6-Pack by Stinkin’ Good will take your meal to the next level!  Made of the best ingredients, this gluten free sauce will become a staple in your kitchen.  You can slurp it like soup.  Smother your eggs, veggies, Tex-Mex or Fries.  Top a sandwich. Or pizza.  Or your leftovers.  Heck, pour it over ice cream for all we care.  Any time Stinkin’ Good is on the table: You. Will. Win.  The Chicken Green Chile Medium 6-Pack by Stinkin’ Good is also available as a 10-pack!

You can also purchase Colorado’s Best Green Chile by Stinkin’ Good at participating King Soopers, Costco and other local Colorado stores!

Heating Instructions for Stinkin’ Good products are as follows:

Stovetop:  Heat in sauce pan, stir thoroughly until it reaches 165 degrees.

Microwave:  Heat in microwave safe container until it reaches 165 degrees.  Heating times may vary, stir often.

Keep refrigerated or frozen until ready to cook.

Make sure to check out our awesome selection of recipes that you can use Colorado’s Best Green Chile by Stinkin’ Good!

Some of our favorite recipes are the Green Chile Chorizo Eggs BenedictBreakfast Burrito and the Sheet Pan Nachos.

4 reviews for Chicken Green Chile Medium / 15 Ounce / 6 Pack

  1. Inge Kerster (verified owner)

    5 stars

  2. Sandra Niner

    5 stars
    I absolutely love this sauce. I made burritos out of it last year and they were the best we have ever eaten. Then my local Costco quit selling it and I couldn’t get anymore. Finally today I found it again at Costco and stocked up. Right now my burritos are almost done and we are so excited to eat them.

  3. April Strickler

    5 stars
    I live in Arizona and found this at Costco and LOVE IT! We had a family reunion in 2019 and everyone raved about it. I even got extra for them to take home to South Dakota, Utah, and Montana! I was so disappointed when I couldn’t find it at my local Costco (I went to 4 different Costco stores in the Phoenix area looking for it!) So happy I can find it online!

  4. Joe

    5 stars
    It’s really really good we love it

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